Selected Essays and Columns

Repeat Offender?
Germany’s ever-evolving struggle with anti-Semitism

Tablet Magazine | June 5, 2008

Seeing the Light in South Carolina
In the flesh, Obama is easy…maybe too easy | January 25, 2008

The Obscured Continent
It’s hard to find Africa in Vanity Fair’s new ‘Africa Issue’ | June 26, 2007

The New Arab Conversation
Columbia Journalism Review | January/February 2007

Are You Going to Believe “Images” or Words?
The White House is subtly implying that violence in Iraq is a figment of the media’s imagination | March 21, 2006

Disengaged: A Letter from Tel Aviv
Columbia Journalism Review | September/October 2005

Why Don’t Journalists Get Religion?
A tenuous bridge to believers

Columbia Journalism Review | May/June 2004